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    100% plant-based Perfumes + Room Sprays to enhance both your natural essence and the luxury of the world around you.

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The Natural Advantage


Most perfumes and room sprays on the market are scented with synthetic “fragrance.” This is an umbrella term that can hide numerous chemicals with troubling hazardous properties, and a propensity to accumulate in human tissue.


At Veyali, we know lab created scent can’t capture the true essence of the plant it’s attempting to mimic. As such, we use only pure plant oils and never: petrochemicals, preservatives, parabens, phthalates, GMOs, fixatives or any of those synthetic fragrances almost no one can pronounce.


Scent derived from nature is truly on another level altogether. These all-natural ingredients have the power to go much deeper than synthetics—to heal and affect the wearer on a spiritual and energetic level. “Fragrances” Acetate C-9 FCC and Aldehyde C-16 sure can’t do that.

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Customer Testimonials

  • I have never enjoyed replacing my Dolce and Gabana until I found your perfume!


    I love your GROUND room spray. My eight year old said it makes him feel calm. He’s an anxious kid—so that means a TON to me! Thank you for making such clean amazing products!


    I wore your perfume today and I was sooo pleased! I kept walking past people thinking “what is that delightful scent??” And it was ME!


  • Wow wow wow. If you asked anyone who knows me they would tell you how sensitive I am to scent. But these smell amazing!


    I am floored with how much I love these!! I wore CIELO last night and so many people asked me what I was wearing!


    I had reservations because perfumes tend to give me headaches. But these make me feel good—I basically have one with me at all times now!


  • These room sprays are SO beautiful. I seriously felt instantly more chill after spraying them. I have a few smudge sprays and such but yours vibe with me energetically unlike any of those. Seriously impressive!


    OMG. I can’t stop smelling myself!


    I’m simply in love with this scent CIELO…it’s like having California in a bottle.


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