About Veyali

Veyali is a sensory adventure into divinely pure botanicals.


Made with measured magic and botanical science, Veyali reimagines the ancient artistry of parfumerie. Every scent has a story and a purpose, a whisper of nature that evokes the sweetest of memories. Without leaving you lost in a chemical haze or with a residue of regret. Our perfumes are hand-blended in expertly-curated small batches for optimal freshness and quality.

All our ingredients come from the purest source of scent out there: nature. There are NO: synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, preservatives, parabens, phthalates, GMOs or fixatives. Just plants and organic sugar cane alcohol. They are never tested on animals. We love animals. A lot.

Earth has gifted us with these beautiful scents that we get to share with you. Veyali doesn’t just want you to smell good, we want you to feel good knowing that your fragrance is born from the sublimity of nature. Step out of the haze of synthetic scent and be alluring … without the illusion.

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