Veyali is a sensory adventure into divinely pure botanical scent.

Made with measured magic and botanical science, every VEYALI scent has a story and a purpose, a whisper of nature that evokes the sweetest of memories. Without leaving you lost in a chemical haze or with a residue of regret.

Based in San Diego, California, each 100% plant-based product is hand-blended in small batches—ensuring optimal freshness and quality.

Harness nature anytime.

All VEYALI ingredients come from the purest source of scent out there: nature.

VEYALI is rooted in the ancient artistry of natural perfumery. As such, every decision made is informed with responsibility for the planet.

That’s why only ethically, and sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients are used and every product is certified cruelty-free and vegan. They contain NO: synthetic fragrances, isolates, petrochemicals, preservatives, parabens, phthalates, GMOs or fixatives.

Earth has gifted us with these beautiful scents that I get to share with you. Step out of the haze of synthetic scent and feel good knowing that your scent is born from the sublimity of nature.


about Gina

My love of botanicals began during forest outings in my youth. Inhaling the seasonal splendor around me created powerful scent memories and was the beginning of a lifelong love affair with plants and nature.

In 2008, I started experimenting with essential oils in my massage therapy practice. The plants began to unfold their magic through the vessel of aromatherapy but a whole new aromatic world also blossomed. What called out to me was something not artificial but clean and cruelty-free. Fragrances fresh from the fields and flowers told a different story than those manufactured in a laboratory and eliminated my headache-filled reaction to synthetics.

I weaved the scent-laden memories from my youth into a personal mission: channeling the spirit of nature into natural perfumes. In 2018 I launched Veyali and became not only a storyteller of scent but an advocate against the dangers of synthetic fragrance.

Now a studied botanical alchemist, I draw on my travels to natural locations far and wide, inspired by the purity of plant essences.

I call North Park, San Diego home.


Gina Benedetto
founder & natural perfumer

1. Blending plant extracted scent in house

2. Gina sustainably harvesting local flora

3. Love at first whiff (early 1980s)

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