How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Swapping out synthetic fragrance for a natural perfume is an important step if you’re seeking safer alternatives to your beauty products. The majority of perfumes on the market contain inexpensive, often petroleum-derived, synthetic scent and a cocktail of potentially hazardous chemicals. These chemicals include endocrine disruptors, skin and lung irritants, and carcinogens. It’s these same chemicals, however, that help “glue” scent to your skin—allowing it to last all day.

Natural perfumes are luxurious and complex, but without these questionable additives, will not be able to compete with a synthetic perfume in staying power. They will diminish as the hours pass and their natural elements evolve and fade. Fret not! Here are a few tips to help them last a bit longer on your skin.


Your skin acts like a sponge, and if dry, won’t hold scent well. Use an unscented moisturizer to hydrate the skin and then apply your natural perfume.

2—Not Just Pulse Points

Appling natural perfume to areas of the body that are both pulse points and those that aren’t is a great strategy. Perfume initially smells stronger on pulse points because of the warmth of your skin. But it is this warmth that also burns off the perfume faster. A combination of the two (warm and cool skin) will create a balanced, more enduring scent experience. My favorite pulse points are: behind the ears, décolletage, inner elbows, wrists, and behind the knees.


Hair holds scent extremely well. Roll a bit of perfume onto your fingers and run them through the hair that frames your face. Be cautious with spray perfumes, as larger quantities of perfume can dry out the hair.

4—Don’t Rub

Fight the urge to rub perfume into your skin! Despite your best efforts, this action breaks down the delicate top notes—causing your natural perfume to fade more quickly.


Heat, light and humidity cause the natural compounds in a perfume bottle to break down. This alters the delicate top notes and can diminish the overall aroma. To keep the scent strong, be sure to store your bottle in a cool place and away from direct sunlight.

In spite of these valiant efforts, natural perfumes still won’t remain strong all day. But it’s better to reapply as needed with the peace of mind of knowing your perfume is safe and healthy. This is easy with our rollerball bottles—they were designed to be the perfect portable size. Stash one in your bag or purse for a touch-up whenever the mood strikes.

Once you familiarize yourself with natural perfumes you’ll find they are well worth the occasional effort of reapplication. Enjoy their captivating journey of scent—just as nature intended.